The 12th hole at Lancaster Country Club is causing all sorts of scenes on Thursday at the U.S. Women’s Open, none more painful to watch than the scene that was Nelly Korda’s catastrophic 10 on the par 3 earlier this morning. Well, that was up until Isi Gabsa arrived at the tee at two-over par for the day.

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No, Gabsa did not also make a 10, nor did she make a 9 or a 6 or a 5, just a sampling of the scores made on that hole Thursday. She’s actually been one of the few to conquer the brutally-difficult one-shotter, finding the green and two-putting for par from 21 feet. Gabsa did so with a little bit of help, though, and that help came in the form of an innocent bird who was just chilling on the putting surface. 

Unfortunately, that little chill sesh may have led to this bird’s untimely death. Animal lovers, look away:

Brutal. The poor thing never stood a chance. Kudos to that USGA official for gently scooping it up walking it off to Bird Heaven. It’s in a better place now. 

And for those unaware of my man Patrick McDonald’s Randy Johnson joke … 

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