New York Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner is hardly hurting for money right now. The former NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year is heading into year three of his four-year rookie deal worth $38.7 million fully guaranteed, the type of money that allows you to justify just about any purchase, no matter how frivolous.

Scratch that. There is no justifying a recent purchase Gardner made at the golf course, of all places.

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The lockdown corner first took up golf in April of 2023, when he played in an Alumni Outing for the University of Cincinnati, his Alma Mater:

Yes, straight is ideal, Sauce. But it was clear based off this clip that he was eager and willing to learn. Over a year later, on Wednesday, Gardner tweeted that playing golf is “the only thing I’ve ever been addicted to.” We call that getting “the bug,” folks:

Three mintues later, he tweeted this:

Jeez, just how many balls did Sauce lose in that three-minute timeframe? Time to hit the range, bud. 

All kidding aside, if we can give Gardner some advice as a beginner, it would be to go for the TopFlites and not the highest-end balls like ProV1s or TaylorMade TP5s that will run you just under $60 like he said. If you’re going to be hitting it all over creation, you’ve got to go cheap. Where’s a sleeve of Slazengers when you need it?

This story takes a twist, though, when you find out that TaylorMade literally makes balls with Sauce Gardner’s likeness on them, which just so happen to be $54.99. Either Sauce isn’t getting these for free, or he knows the price tag, understands the value of a dollar and hates losing them. Respect to that. But still, for now… TopFlites. 

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UPDATE: Sauce is officially a stripe show:

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