According to the LIV stans on social media, anyone who does not ride extremely hard for every single LIV player and the tour they play on is a member of what they call the “Corrupt Golf Media” (CGM for short). Trevor Immelman is a member of the CGM by default, his role as color commentator for CBS automatically making him corrupt because he calls PGA Tour events (this is apparently how it works. We don’t make the CGM rules).

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That makes him a key target for the most vocal LIV fans on Golf Twitter, who are practically begging and pleading for anything they can use as a perceived LIV slight during the major championships, the only time we see LIV players and PGA Tour players together anymore. On Sunday, Immelman got called out by top LIV fanboy Red Harrington for, according to Harrington, incorrectly claiming that Smash GC’s Brooks Koepka just put his new mallet putter into the bag for the PGA Championship. As Harrington tweeted, Immelman getting that simple fact wrong is “everything wrong” with golf media in general, the implication being that card-carrying CGM members don’t pay close enough attention to the happenings on the Saudi-backed tour:

In fairness to Red, Immelman was on the call at the Masters, so he should have known that Koepka, one of the favorites that week, put a new putter in play that week. The problem? The putter he was using at Valhalla was completely different from the one he used at Augusta National, which Immelman pointed out on Monday in a reply to Harrington’s tweet. Look up “owned” in the dictionary and this picture should pop up:

Woof. That “pay attention” is about as big of a mic drop as it gets. What a tough scene. 

It should be noted that Red, unlike 99.9 percent of the LIV army of Golf Twitter, is actually a sensible dude and not a faceless egg who constantly engages in ad hominem attacks with people he disagrees with. It came as no surprise that he took this one like a champ:

Probably should have stopped after “which I now see you didn’t,” but ya live and ya learn. Chalk this one up as another dub for the fictional CGM. 

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