With Nick Saban’s recent retirement, there’s an opening at the University of Alabama for the title of Big Man on Campus. But a golfer, Nick Dunlap, is certainly a good candidate for the position after etching his name into the PGA Tour history books. Just don’t expect the college sophomore to be cracking open any school books soon.

Dunlap won the American Express to become the first amateur since Phil Mickelson to win on the PGA Tour in 33 years. It’s a victory that has the entire golf world impressed—including Mickelson—and one that sent his Alabama teammates into a tizzy on the team bus.

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The 20-year-old said after that he still has “no idea” about whether he’ll turn pro or not (No, he wouldn’t receive the $1.5 million for winning, though he would get some pretty nice PGA Tour perks). But in the meantime, he was pretty clear about his homework situation for the time being.

Asked if he any to do, Dunlap said, “Yes.” Then cracked a big smile and added, “Probably won’t do it, though.” Have a look:

Good for you, Nick. Can’t blame you. In fact, we’re guessing Dunlap won’t be doing much school work this week, either, since he has now committed to play in the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines starting Wednesday.

And forget about the potential big paydays. The biggest pro for turning pro is getting out of papers and final exams. Just saying, Nick.

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