Bryson DeChambeau moves to the beat of his own drum. This is not news. The single-length irons, the funky hat, the protein shakes, the long-drive stuff – the guy feels absolutely zero need to conform. That individualism extends to his mobile phone, apparently.

During his pre-Shriners Children’s Open press conference in Las Vegas overnight, Scottie Scheffler was asked if the US Ryder Cup team’s group chat was still popping after their historic victory. His answer was not really, but not for the reason you might expect.

“Honestly, our group chat was a little bait of a pain in the butt because Bryson is the only one who does not have an iPhone,” Scheffler said. “I know that’s really a shock that Bryson’s the odd man out on that one. But we gave him some crap about that in the beginning of the week.”

There you have it. Bryson being the green-text guy that ruins iMessage group chats is so perfectly on-brand. We’re sure he has a reason for it, too. It’s probably something to do with a superior operating system with increased streaming capabilities or something complicated like that. If nothing else, the man stays true to himself.

PHOTO: Keyur Khamar