If ever there was a question whether golf balls are designed to serve distinctly different player types, the AVX stands as
a definitive example that one ball does not fit all. This is not some hand-me-down urethane-cover model but a design aimed at players who want a softer feel, a lower trajectory and less spin. It’s a rare combination – and a unique set of demands – as plenty of alternatives might blend two of those characteristics but not all three.

Enhancing those performance attributes is a new focus on extra ball speed through a larger core (but still soft-feeling) compared to the first AVX, along with a more resilient mantle layer between the core and cover. The dimple pattern optimises distance for a lower flight, something especially noticeable on shots with the middle and long irons. The urethane cover is thinner to allow for that larger core (and more potential distance), but its new formulation effectively works with the core and casing layer for better short-game spin than the original version. Still, it stands alone among Titleist premium balls as the softest feeling, lowest spinning and lowest launching offering.

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