They say golf is a game of honesty and integrity, and those two pillars were eventually upheld this week after a guilty golfer posted $650 cash to the Helensvale Golf Club after being caught stealing an expensive golf club on the club’s pro shop CCTV.

Though the sender of the cash-filled envelope remains anonymous, it would appear the unidentified thief’s – allegedly an elderly man – conscience got the better of him after CCTV footage caught the moments leading up to the robbery, and then the exact time he walked out of the pro shop with a shiny new driver.

“So he’s made his way down looking at all the different clubs we have until he’s seen the most expensive we have,” club owner Chris Lawton told 9News. “And he’s come back the second time to take it within 10 minutes.”

The ‘IOU’ letter included $650 cash. [Image: Nine News]

The wad of cash was accompanied with a short message: “I O U golf shop $650 for golf club”.

According to news reports, the man waited for pro shop staff to be distracted before he casually walked out with the club.

[Main Image: Nine News]