These aren’t your grandfather’s golf shoes, but that’s not to say you can’t find a pair that looks like them. How they perform, however, is thoroughly modern.

Improvements in technology mean today’s golf shoes offer vast options. Choices used to come with compromises: comfort meant giving up performance. Less weight meant less stability. Style worked on casual Fridays, not on tee-time Saturdays. But the new shoes show us a place where consumers get all they want. A shoe can be light and structured, spikeless and full of traction, waterproof and breathable, supportive without looking clunky. Most textile uppers are made to be waterproof now, and classic styles use the latest high-tech performance materials.

Whether you want a traditional leather upper with a sole full of cleats, a facsimile of your favourite running shoe, or any street style in between, you’re covered. When it comes to golf shoes, we’re in a really good place. Even grandpa would agree.

Golf Shoes


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1. Skechers Mojo Elite

It’s lightweight with an emphasis on comfort and features triangular traction elements that flex for optimal stability during the swing. The mixed-leather and textile upper is waterproof.

2. Ecco Biom g3

A Gore-Tex lining keeps out moisture but is breathable. A soft, resilient foam insole and synthetic-rubber collar provide extra comfort.

3. Adidas Tour 360 XT-SL

This popular tour shoe goes spikeless. The traction elements vary in height to provide extra grip where it’s needed most. The outsole’s X-shape adds stability by better connecting the forefoot section of the shoe to the heel.

4. Callaway Skyline

The midsole’s double-layer approach features a top layer of cushioned foam for maximum comfort and a firmer layer of foam on the bottom for support. Channels allow the outsole to give as you flex your feet during the swing.

5. New Balance Striker

The soft, thermoplastic urethane (TPU) in the outsole flexes for support. The shape features more width in the toe box for a better fit.

6. Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour

This flagship tour shoe mixes throwback looks (leather upper) with high-tech support (a resilient foam midsole originally developed for running and basketball that offers cushioning, responsiveness and durability).

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7. G/Fore MG4.1

The one-piece textile upper is breathable, flexible and fortified with a wide-lacing pattern for extra stability. The thick foam sole adds comfort, and, as usual with  G/Fore, there’s fashion even in a sneaker.


8. Under Armour Hovr Drive

Under Armour’s new, lower-profile cleats provide additional grip for horizontal movements during the swing. The midsole is cushioned towards the instep, and the outsole is firmer around the outer edge for support.

9. FootJoy FJ Fury

A cushioned insole moulds to your foot, and the outsole is firmest where you need it most. The upper features a leather-mesh combo that’s waterproof yet breathable.

10. True Links TL-01

Heavy glue and other unnecessary materials have been eliminated from this street-shoe-inspired style that’s the lightest model in our guide.

11. Puma Ignite NXT

Don’t let the mesh upper fool you, this shoe is waterproof and stable. A TPU saddle adds support, and other high-stress areas are reinforced as well.