When you’re as good as Collin Morikawa is at playing golf, you’re not supposed to have to deal with all the sh-t us normies have to deal with at our regular jobs. Answering e-mails, small talk about what you did over Christmas break with Nancy from accounting, Zoom meetings, things of that nature. Morikawa’s focus is putting the ball in the hole, and he has a team of folks that handle all that other nonsense.

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Unfortunately for Morikawa, though, the neverending PGA Tour-LIV saga has forced high level tour pros like himself to have to deal with all that nonsense. With everything at stake, the two-time major champion has had no choice but to pop open the ol’ inbox. To sit in and—gulp—actually pay attention in meetings. Morikawa said as much when asked if he felt satisfied with the amount of information players have been given about the future of golf from the powers that be earlier this week at The Sentry. 

“I still listen to all the meetings, I read up on everything that’s going on,” he said. “But at this point all you can do is just play your best golf and show up and see what happens.”

Morikawa, like just about everybody else right now, just wants everyone to come together and get a deal done. Enough with all the mundane e-mails. He is one of us.

“I hope everything comes together and we’re able to all play together at some point in some time in some way, but there’s so much back and forth, the e-mails we get is, it’s all fluff. Like, there’s no point in reading these e-mails anymore that we get. Players are saying one thing and then they say something else some other time.”

Yeah, there’s been a lot of that going on in the golf world of late. Respect to Morikawa for opting out of all of it and choosing to focus on what he does best. If only the rest of us could be so lucky. 

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