Brooks Koepka got a huge shoutout at the Stanley Cup parade for his beloved Florida Panthers. He probably wishes he didn’t, however.

Then again, Koepka can dish it just as well as he can take it, and he had to take it on Sunday when Panthers defenseman Aaron Ekblad got behind the microphone. 

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Without context, this seems a little out of left field from Ekblad, who should be celebrating his greatest career achievement, not calling out a professional golfer. Allow us to explain. 

Last March, while the Panthers were about to kick off their first Stanley Cup run (ultimately, a losing effort), Koepka and a few buddies wore tracksuits to a game in Sunrise and Koepka went viral when a fan captured video of him holding up a traffic cone and screaming at Ekblad, specifically:

For those wondering, a traffic cone is not something you want to be called as an NHL defenseman. It means exactly what it sounds like – that you are serving no other purpose on the ice other than being in the way of other people skating circles around you. Not nice!

But, despite being a fellow pro athlete, Koepka is also a fan, and he may have had a few drinks (and may have placed some bets) on this particular night. What do you do with a few drinks in you and a bet on the line at a professional sporting event? You scream stuff. Loudly. 

Based off a few interviews later that summer, it sounded like not only did the Panthers locker room find the video funny, but Ekblad and Koepka himself hashed it out. The five-time major champion was back in the building supporting the boys for Game 7 last week, so he’s no persona non grata at Amerant Bank Arena. Still, though, you can tell Ekblad was waiting for revenge for a long, long time. 

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